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Osborn Farms is a family owned company bringing you the most beautiful and healthy flowers, plants, herbs and vegetables in the South. Shop Tuesday through Saturday during the months of March, April, May and June. Many plants are started as seeds in January, but by March 15th,you will see a greenhouse full of beauty. You will be greeted by the owners who will help you individually make your choices. Where else can you get private and personal attention by a Master Gardener.

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A fairy garden is a garden, or section of a garden, with miniature houses, furniture, or accessories. It creates the impression of a tiny world, of the sort and size that fairies might inhabit. At first glance, someone might not see the little details that make your window runner or herb garden so special, but for anyone who looks twice, they provide an intriguing outlet for the imagination. They're a great conversation starter, make thoughtful gifts, and are a fun and engaging hobby to practice with children. Check out the fairy gardens at Osborn Farms!

Fairy Gardens


TOMACCIO: Tomaccio tomatoes have an intense, sugary flavor when picked fresh or dried at home. Tomato aficionados love them as a sweet snack or a gourmet ingredient in pastas, pizzas, salads and other dishes. Tomaccio is easy to care for.  Get some mouth-watering recipes to turn Tomaccio into sweet family favorites. Click here for the Sun-Dried Tomaccio Pesto Recipe.

Mighty Mato

MIGHTY MATO: Super tomatoes are created by connecting (grafting) the roots of vigorous, disease resistant varieties with the scion (top part of plant) of varieties with phenomenal flavors and excellent fruit quality.

  • Extreme vigor for improved quality and quantity of fruit
  • Tolerance to extreme temperatures and poor soils
  • Resistance to soil borne pathogens and pests
  • Increased disease resistance including early and late blight, and blossom end rot
  • An increased ability to uptake water and nutrients from the soil results in enhanced fruit production and improvements in taste
  • Naturally strong and healthy, no chemical pesticides are needed, perfect for organic growing.




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